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Michelle Hoefflin, Founder & Executive Director

Our Story

In July 2010, my husband and I were having breakfast with friends and as conversation goes we began to talk about things that we are passionate about. For me the answer to that question has been the same for make a difference in the lives of women. I have been involved in non-profit work for years, leading, hosting and speaking at women’s events.  Well, that particular day the conversation involved my friend talking about how she had taken a group of people to The Orange County Ronald McDonald House and volunteered to bake cookies for the families that were living there while their child was undergoing treatment in the hospital. While my friend was sharing, I remembered a church staff member who had to stay at the hospital with her son as he underwent treatment, and had asked for slippers while she was staying at the hospital with him.  This thought came to me.... which then became an idea.... which then became an absolute passion to see happen.... providing each mom, upon arrival to The Ronald McDonald House in Orange, what I’d call “Comfort in a Box”. Each box would contain a blanket, a pair of slippers and a bottle of all natural lavender lotion.  I eventually shared the idea with the lady I was having breakfast with and she said we can make it happen. She then put me in contact with The Orange County Ronald McDonald House and our conversations became more than just talk but reality.  It was with sheer amazement, that I watched people begin to partner as I shared about Comfort In A Box. We were able to see within a few short months the first round of “Comfort” be delivered on Christmas Eve in December 2010.  Our Story is still being written…


“It was a beautiful surprise”

"Just want to thank you for your thoughtful gift and generosity.  It was a beautiful surprise to find slippers and a warm blanket to ease the days exhaustion.  May God bless you and your family always."

             -Maria, Eric's Mom

“I grew up with…”

I grew up with a handicap brother, who spent many days and weeks in the hospital, during his 5 years of life. When Comfort started I was so excited to jump in and use my hands to provide comfort to these moms who were in our family’s situation so many years ago.  

- Nancy 

Another Story needed.

“Fusce nisl elit, dictum eget condimentum eu, elementum sed ante. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia. Pellentesque vel mattis turpis.”

— J.Y.


There are three simple ways you can get involved right now with Comfort in a Box:

~ Donate Now to Comfort in a Box so we can reach more hurting families and expand to more Ronald McDonald Houses.

~ Do a Blanket & Slipper Drive at your office, classroom, church group, or bunco group

~ Host a Box Party.  You provide the blankets and slippers and we show up with all the packing/boxing necessities.  Go on our Facebook page and share us with your friends and get the word out about Comfort In A Box.  

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